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Olivia: Part 3

By April 24, 2020 No Comments

I decided that since Dr. Paschall had saved my life, I was going to let her call me whatever she wnated. Even if it meant going through life with the humiliating name….UGH…. JOY JINGLES….. I lived with this fact every day, until one day, after being weighed, I was taken back to my cage when I saw that the name on the door had changed. I was stricken with fear!!!! What if Dr. Paschall had found another dog. Maybe some cute little puppy that did not need to be taken care of. I thought of how long I had been here with everybody, and now that I had become attached to them all, a rotten little squeaker was going to come take my comfy cage, take my relationships, my food, and most importantly, the love that I had never had before. I was heartbroken. Then all of a sudden, I thought “Hey, I could fix this. I could chew that new little puppy up like the squeaker toy that it is.” I was happy that I had solved my problem until I remembered that no one would want me after that. They would think of me as a mean and dangerous dog that hurt a little puppy, instead of a sad, affectionate dog that only cared about someone who had saved its life. I really did only want the life that had been promised to me. I felt miserable. I felt like I could howl and whine and cry until I was sick. But I knew that I had to face the fact that I was being replaced with some little mutt. I braced myself for looking at the puppy in my cage. I closed my eyes as tight as I could, bracing myself for the cute little puppy that was replacing me. I opened my eyes though, as I was set down. To my surprise, there was no one in there! I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!! I then realized that she had changed my name, not replaced me. I was so happy. I started dancing all around! I stopped, wanting to know the name that was chosen for me. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to go through life with that humiliating name that I don’t even want to mention! I couldn’t see the name from the inside of my door, so I asked this English Bull Dog named Booger to read the sign on my door. He read it and I was stunned to hear the name “Olivia” reach my ears. I was so happy! I finally had a name that I felt belonged to my personality.