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Olivia: Part 2

By April 24, 2020 No Comments

One of the pet techs asked Dr. Paschall what she planned to do with me. She said that she was going to fix me up, put a couple of pins in my leg(s). She said that I would be staying at the animal clinic, until I was better and then she would take em!home WITH HER. I couldn’t believe it!!!!! I wanted to faint dead away, but I had already come to close to that, so I just wagged my tail ecstatically. As they began to prepare surgery, I started talking to the other dogs. They told me that Dr. Paschall was the best Dr. they had ever met. By the way, you might be wondering why they dogs are not calling her a veterinarian, but dogs like to refer to them as doctors. It just sounds better. Back to the story..I mean MY story. They told me that Dr. Paschall was gentle, kind and very smart. I had already figured that out, but I politely listened with my head cocked, like any dog with manners should. The other dogs told their story of their lives and how wonderful their owners were. Just as I was thinking that my head was going to fall off from cocking it, someone came and gently took me out of my cage. They sat me on a table and gave a shot in my leg. Before I knew what was happening, everything around me was dizzy—–. After I woke, up, I had a sense of peace knowing that everything was going to be all right. I spent about a week in the animal clinic,eating better food than I have every eaten. I had this really good hard food and then I had some canned food that tasted like a slice of heaven. As I stayed there, being well cared for, they tried to think of a name for me. I had noticed as I was recuperating, that all of the dogs names were on the front of their cages. I wondered when they would put one of those on my cage door. As I was being put back into my cage one day, I noticed that I finally had a name!!! But as soon as I read what it was, my heart stopped and my tail drooped. The words Joy Jingles were on there. If I had to be called Joy Jingles, I really would faint dead away. I would not be called some sissy cat name. I mean, it’s like the name Tinkles. You don’t name a Rottweiler TINKLES!!! Just like you wouldn’t name a cat Rover!!! I was not going to be called that.