Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Camden, TN

Pet Boarding at Camden Animal Clinic

At the Camden Animal Clinic, we know that there are times when you have to be away from home for business or pleasure and, no matter how much you hate to be separated from your pets, they just can’t come with you. You’re going to miss each other, but you can make it up to them by giving them their own getaway to luxury accommodations where they’ll be pampered, well cared for, and receive royal treatment.

We provide upscale pet boarding services for dogs and cats and other animals at our facility. It’s part of our commitment to quality full-service animal care. Our clinic is equipped with clean and comfortable accommodations and deluxe amenities for your pet to enjoy while you’re away, and our staff is thoroughly trained to care for and entertain them.

We guarantee they’ll be so happy they might not want to come home!

Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Camden, TN

We are proud to offer pet boarding and daycare, under the supervision of our veterinary team. By choosing us, you can rest assured that if your pet has a health problem while you are away, they will be in trained hands to contact you and recommend appropriate diagnostics and treatment. For our boarding and daycare patients, we require the following:

  • Boarding Dogs: must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines
  • Boarding Cats: must be current on Rabies and FVRCP vaccines
  • Puppies must minimally have their first Distemper and Bordetella vaccines

When bringing your pet for boarding please plan to bring any special diets your pet requires as well as any medications, treats, or favorite toys. This makes our home seem more like yours for them and helps reduce stress. Finally, please arrange to have contact numbers available for our staff to reach you during your pet’s boarding, in the event of any medical emergency. Please allow a few minutes at check-in to fill out or update your and your pet’s information.

Dog Boarding

We have comfortable and spacious kennels suitable for any size of dog, large, medium, or small! They’ll enjoy our large fenced-in outdoor area, where they can play and exercise several times a day. They’ll enjoy delicious and nutritious premium dog food during their stay. It’s truly a dog paradise and Camden Animal Clinic.

All of our pet boarding facilities are secure and climate-controlled. We encourage you to bring along your pet’s favorite toys and treats to make them feel more at home. You can also bring any special dietary items and medications they require. You’ll be able to talk to the vet about special needs when you arrive.

Cat Boarding

We love cats here at Camden Animal Clinic, and we fully understand that cats have their own special needs and demands that must be met.  When dinner time rolls around, they’ll be offered only the best premium cat food. Our pet boarding facility for cats is separate from the reception area and other boarding facilities, so your cat won’t be frightened and stressed out by other animals, especially dogs. We guarantee that your cat will be treated in the manner they’re accustomed to when they come to stay at our clinic.

Dog Boarding

  • Large dog & small dog kennels
  • Large fenced backyard for plenty of exercise during their stay
  • Individual attention & outdoor playtime at least 3 times a day!

Cat Boarding

  • Separate cat ward for a stress-free stay
  • Large outdoor window and large indoor window
  • Cat portals connect several cages for more boarding space!

Why choose CAC for your pet boarding needs?

  1. When your pet is our guest for 3 days or more, they receive a complimentary bath before they go home!
  2. Dogs who stay at our facility get to exercise in our spacious, secure yard at least 3 times a day!
  3. We have a dedicated nurse on staff every day to care for our guests.

When your pet boards at Camden Animal Clinic, they will receive all of the love, exercise, and care they can handle. Better yet, if your pet experiences any medical problems while in our care – your pet is at a veterinary facility with qualified staff to provide needed medical care.

You can rest assured your pet is in good hands while you’re away! Contact us today to schedule your pet’s stay.